Monday, May 6, 2013

The Mountain Masters Gentlemen's Cup

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The Gentlemen's Cup.  Thanks Caleb!

There's a couple of Mountain Masters now!

Beer girls or "Stephen's Ladies" as we have been referring to them up until now.
 The supervisor looks on...

Beer drinker

Luke and some dude named Justin

Back yard party

Duck tape.  It'll cure what ails ya.

Rory's Mom has never missed a contest.

Look at dem pigs boy!

couple of bros bro-ing out

I think they are trading Pokemon cards

Couple of men manning the grill

Packed house!


Caleb, Luda, and Jon D.

Clyde classing things up a bit with some bottled beer

Eli, Ryan and Chet

Caine's friend Mandy traveled all the way from Antarctica for the Cup.
We still charged her to get in.

There's our winner.  Dillon Wiggens (beard). $500.  Dude fucking destroyed it!

And for bonking his head on the ceiling not once but twice, Rorey won a hotdog.

These dudes wandered in off the RR tracks.

Couple of my besties....not sure who got that dick level photo bomb but well done.

Caption contest!

Late night ultra couch action

Thanks to all of our friends, families, key holders and sponsors.  See you next time!